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Ruspert Series

The chemical reaction and bridging effect of each layer are closely combined. This is not a common surface treatment consisting of a single skin film, but a surface treatment which exerts comprehensive corrosion resistance under the complementary action of three skin films.

Disgo Series

Disgo treatment is a chromium-free and corrosion-resistant surface treatment technology developed for high tension bolts and other steel products which must avoid delayed ...

Drall Series

It is used for coating process. It can be brushed and sprayed. Features: Strong rust resistance; a liquid type; chromium-free; room temperature drying type; excellent heat resistance; 

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Customer satisfaction is our goal

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Dalian Ruspert Metal Material Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2005. It belongs to Sino-Japanese joint venture company. It has Japanese painting technology as support ....

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Customer satisfaction is our goal


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Three problems should be paid attention to when spraying equipment
When testing powder coatings for spraying equipment, the main performance tests are density, particle size, tensile distribution and volatile content. The inspection method and standard can refer to the information about the inspection of powder coatings for spraying line and foreign standards. Before mass application of powder coatings for spraying pipeline, it is necessary to check whether the properties of powder coatings meet the requirements of workpieces, and only after the indexes are qualified can they be put into production.
Causes and Solutions of Bubbles in Spraying of Painting Equipment
Causes of blistering in spraying equipment and treatment methods:
Application Characteristics of Spraying Equipment
Several Characteristics of Spraying Equipment