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Dalian Ruspert Metal Material Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2005. It belongs to Sino-Japanese joint venture company. It has Japanese painting technology as support and specializes in metal surface painting. It covers an area of 8700_and employs more than 130 people.

The company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality system certification in 2009 and IATF 16949 automobile product-quality management system certification in November 2018, and embarked on a new milestone of quality system management.

The company introduced Japanese painting technology. The coating does not contain chromium and heavy metals. It meets the highest environmental protection standard of European and American countries - ROHS standard. The coating has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, high permeability, hydrogen-free embrittlement and re-coating. The salt fog resistance tests of the products reach 200 - 2000 hours respectively, which can meet the needs of customers from all over the world. Our products are mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, mechanical power, chemical industry, household appliances, railways, bridges, tunnels, shipbuilding, aerospace, national defense and military industries. Our company has long provided painting services for Geely, Beiqi, Hippocampus, Great Wall, Weilai, brake and home companies. In 2013, the company expanded its operation and installed new spraying equipment, automatic spraying equipment, automatic spraying production line and so on, which greatly met the painting needs of different customers.

The company implements humanized management, and strives to ensure that employees work in a pleasant working environment. Happy work is the direction of our company's efforts all the time. It is our company's goal to provide more satisfactory service to customers in happy work.

The company's main series of surface treatment technology:

Ordinary Coating (Powder Coating, Paint Coating, Teflon Coating)

Ordinary coating is a coating process with solid powder or liquid paint as film forming material. It has a wide range of applications and mature production process.

Teflon: Non-sticky, High, Low Temperature, Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance


DISGO : Chromium-free surface treatment technology with high corrosion resistance to meet environmental requirements.

DISGO treatment is a chromium-free and corrosion-resistant surface treatment technology developed for high tension bolts and other steel products which must avoid delayed fracture due to hydrogen embrittlement. The use of scale based zinc powder as the main component primer and organic (epoxy) or inorganic (silicate) resin as the main components of the topcoat is used to treat the impregnated or spray coated 180 to 300 degrees.

Features: Zinc-aluminium coating, low film thickness, high performance, no hydrogen embrittlement, no chromium; high corrosion resistance; no hydrogen embrittlement; no chromium, low temperature soldering type; resistance to resistance; heat resistance.


RUSPERT: Environmental-friendly high corrosion-resistant surface treatment technology (corresponding to chromium-free treatment)

RUSPERT treatment is a highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment technology consisting of zinc metal layer, special skin-forming layer and surface antirust coating. The chemical reaction and bridging effect of each layer are closely combined. This is not a common surface treatment consisting of a single skin film, but a surface treatment which exerts comprehensive corrosion resistance under the complementary action of three skin films.

Features: Low film thickness, high corrosion resistance, multi-color; high corrosion resistance, multi-color; low temperature treatment.


DRALL: it is used for coating process. It can be brushed and sprayed.

DRALL  is an ordinary dry high concentration zinc powder coating for repairing galvanizing. The main components of zinc and aluminium are made into scales, so that the film formed by one-time coating can also play a high anti-rust ability, thereby improving the operation efficiency and realizing multi-purpose. The most important feature of the film is its high corrosion resistance. In addition to galvanizing repair, it is also a corrosion-resistant, chromium-free repair coating for cutting and welding parts of steel materials.

Features: Strong rust resistance; a liquid type; chromium-free; room temperature drying type; excellent heat resistance; can be sprayed.


It is the best technology for traditional galvanizing and hot dipping with serious environmental pollution.

It can not only deal with steel, iron, aluminium and its alloys, iron castings, structural parts, but also with sintered metals and special surface treatment.

Characteristics: Super corrosion resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, high heat resistance, good adhesion and re-coating performance; good permeability, no pollution.


LAFRE  treatment is developed for the coexistence of ultra-thin films and high corrosion resistance. It realizes excellent ultra-corrosion resistance of chromium-free ultra-thin films through the combination of zinc, aluminium and tin, perfect proportion and flaking.

Characteristic: high corrosion and rust resistance; hydrogen-free brittleness; chromium-free; ultra-thin film; reducing electrical corrosion in contact with aluminium materials; good heat resistance; excellent uniform plating; excellent corrosion resistance of welded joints; excellent adhesion of coating; extensive coating methods.